Davin Quinn

Davin Quinn


Queen's University Belfast (QUB)


Davin, a psychiatrist with the University of New Mexico’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, is focused on brain stimulation. He is also the Chief of Staff at the Hospital. He’s funded by the Department of Defense and NIH to study electrical brain stimulation for patients with traumatic brain injury. He gave a lecture recently at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on pediatric concussion. Davin is a 2003 Mitchell Scholar. He received a Master's Degree in English and Creative Writing from Queen's University Belfast. Davin has found his education as a writer to be of great value when working on patient narratives and ensuring clarity when in communication with other medical professionals regarding case histories and treatment strategies. In addition to his academic work, Davin volunteered with the St. John's Ambulance Service, providing medical assistance and first aid at events throughout Northern Ireland. In conjunction with neurologists and neurosurgeons at UNM, Davin is working on the emerging field of deep brain stimulation and the usage of electricity in certain parts of the brain to alter activity that may be causing a patient's neurological issues. This is a new frontier for psychiatry that could lead to new treatment strategies.

Davin obtained his undergraduate degree from Princeton.