Erin Stevens

Erin Stevens

U.S. Military Academy

University College Dublin (UCD)


Erin, a Major in the US Army, is the senior intelligence officer for the 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade at Sagami Army Depot, Japan. Prior to that she served in Hawaii. When studying the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) at Leavenworth, she wrote her monograph on conflict resolution, with a chapter about the Good Friday Agreement. She previously resided in Belgium where she was a briefer for the Supreme Allied Commander Europe. She is a 2008 Mitchell Scholar. She received a Master's Degree in Cultural Policy and Arts Management from University College Dublin. Her thesis research examined what happened to the antiquities at the National Museum in Iraq following the invasion and what can be learned

to help protect historical artifacts in future combat zones. Erin interned at the National Museum of Ireland and worked on an exhibition looking at the history of the Irish soldier at home and abroad. As a result of her cultural policy studies in Ireland, Erin was appointed Key Leader Engagement Manager by her Brigade Commander in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to help build relationships with local leaders. Erin obtained her undergraduate degree from the US Military Academy (West Point).