Breanna Detwiler

Breanna Detwiler

Elon University

Queen's University Belfast (QUB)


Breanna is an Environmental Communications Specialist with Eastern Research Group (ERG).  Prior to that, she served as the Director of Environmental Programs and Partnerships at Airlie Conference Center near Warrenton, Virginia, where she managed the center’s celebrated food garden and oversaw the certification of Airlie’s green credentials

Breanna is a 2010 Mitchell Scholar. She received a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Queen's University, Belfast. Breanna has long been interested in agricultural and environmental issues associated with food security and food justice. Passionate about community supported agriculture, she studied the impact of community gardens in the border areas of Northern Ireland and the role growing and sharing locally produced food played in bridging sectarian divides. She feels the simplicity of growing and sharing food has powerful emotional and social benefits.

In the future Breanna hopes to be at the helm of an organization that is going to empower people to participate in the food systems around them or to develop food systems for their own communities. Her goal is to build communities up around the idea of ownership of agricultural space and to connect people with growing whole foods.

Breanna obtained her undergraduate degree from Elon University in North Carolina.