Rebekah Emanuel

Rebekah Emanuel


National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) Queen's University, Belfast (QUB) Cross-Border Program (NUIG & QUB)


Rebekah is the the senior advisor for social impact at Harvard Innovation Labs. Prior to that, she served as Head of Clinical Operations at Devoted Health. And before that, she was the Executive Director of Imagine Boston 2030 at the City of Boston where she worked on a 15-year strategic plan for Boston.

Rebekah previously served as the assistant to the Mayor of Boston and as a Business Development Manager for Microsoft after obtaining an MBA from Harvard Business School.  Before the MBA, Rebekah worked in Washington DC, as a member of the Strategy Group in the Office of the Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A 2010 Mitchell Scholar, Rebekah received a joint LLM in Human Rights Law from Queens University Belfast and the University of Galway.  Having worked on conflict related issues in Uganda and Israel, she wanted to live in Belfast and examine how communities overcame years of conflict and created a stable peace. Rebekah obtained her undergraduate degree at Yale.