Yongjun "YJ" Heo

Yongjun "YJ" Heo

Swarthmore College

University College Dublin (UCD)


Based in San Francisco and Indianapolis, Yongjun is CEO of Midwest Design Lab, a digital design and development agency. MWDL provides technology strategy consulting, web design and development, UI/UX insight, mobile product design, brand development, and drone videography. Yongjun is a 2011 Mitchell Scholar. He received a Master's Degree in Public Health from University College Dublin. He examined cystic

fibrosis data in Ireland and made recommendations on how to improve child patient care and health policies to help manage the disease. In 2007, he set up Pemon Health Inc., a public health organization that is focused on preventive medicine in rural Venezuela. YJ obtained his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College.