Matthew Cortland

Matthew Cortland


Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin)


Matt Cortland has opened a fantasy-themed pub in London, The Cauldron, where they use science and IoT Tech to make magic real.

Previously, Matt was the head of Communications at PageFair in Dublin.  PageFair is an Irish tech start-up that aims to protect the future of the free internet by re-establishing a fair deal between web users and the content creators who they want to support.

A 2015 Mitchell Scholar, Matt completed his MSc in Creative Digital Media from DIT in December of 2015.

Ireland offered Matt a unique opportunity to continue his education in the technology field while simultaneously working for a tech start-up in the mobile advertising space. His graduate program at DIT specifically focused on design for applications for mobile devices, and for his final thesis project he worked with a team of his fellow students to design and implement a fully functioning iOS app that provides travel recommendations and advertising opportunities.

Matt obtained his undergraduate degree from Rutgers.