Megan McNulty

Megan McNulty

U.S. Military Academy

University College Dublin (UCD)


Megan McNulty is currently stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana where she serves as the Brigade Current Operations Officer for Intelligence in the 3rd Brigade Combat Team 10th Mountain Division.

Prior to that, she served in Iraq for six months as an army intelligence analyst.

As a Mitchell Scholar, she obtained her MA in International Development at University College Dublin.

A resident of Queensbury, New York, Megan briefly resigned her West Point commission to work as the CFO for a school and mission in rural Liberia where she managed the budget and, as assistant to the Mission Director, was responsible for the education and health of 100 orphans and disadvantaged youth.  Megan found that Liberia epitomized the problems with foreign aid with money inadvertently spurring foreign dependence, political instability, and financial liability rather than reducing poverty, minimizing inequality, or encouraging infrastructural development.  After returning to West Point, Megan won the first place Diplomacy Award in the Model United Nations World Championship.  She was the only freshman on the Women’s Varsity Crew Team.

Megan obtained her undergraduate degree in Economics at the US Military Academy.