Peter Prindiville

Peter Prindiville


University College Cork (UCC)


After completing his JD at Stanford, Peter is now an Associate in teh Supreme Court and Appellate Practice at Latham & Watkins in Washington, DC. He is also the co-author, along with former Senator Russ Feingfold, of a book The Constitution in Jeoparyd.

Prior to that, Peter was the Manager of Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Government Relations and Community Engagement at Georgetown University.

Peter was a 2017 Mitchell Scholar who studied International Relations at University College Cork.

Before heading to Ireland, Peter was an AmeriCorps volunteer who taught at St. Patrick Catholic High School in Biloxi, Mississippi. In 2012, Peter was elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in the District of Columbia with the highest margin in his district's history. One of the youngest elected officials in D.C. history, he sat on the Commission’s Committee on Zoning and Historic Preservation.

Peter holds a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and his MA in Education from Notre Dame.