Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray

University of Kansas

University College Dublin (UCD)


Alex recently joined BlackRock in New York City as an associate on their Climate and Energy Transition Solutions team. In this new role, he works on developing the strategy behind one of the world's largest clean energy and energy transition investment platforms (over $750bn, the vast majority of which is in Europe). Prior to that, he worked as an associate with RMI working at the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance in New York City. He has long believed that climate finance is the most effective way to address climate change. Alex studied Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance at University College Dublin.

As a Finance and Environmental Studies double major at the University of Kansas, he built coalitions with other campus groups to create Net Impact KU, an organization that promotes sustainability education among students and the local business community. Alex also chairs the Student Environmental Advisory Board, where he helped generate new revenue to support its work. As bees are the harbingers of a changing climate, Alex co-founded the KU Beekeeping Club, recruiting almost 400 members in its first year of operation, and coordinated educational events with local schools. Alex also led several Alternative KU breaks where he was able to assist with an urban farm in New Orleans and support the rehabilitation of rescued wolf populations in Colorado. Alex obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas.