Jonathan  Chew

Jonathan Chew

Baylor University

University College Dublin (UCD)


After finishing his Mitchell Scholar year in 2022, Jonathan Chew will move to Washington, DC to work as social media marketing manager at The Dispatch. Jonathan studied Politics and Data Science at University College Dublin. As a dual citizen of the US and the UK, he follows Brexit closely. He was struck by how effectively the Leave campaign used data science to win an upset victory with a heavy investment in technology consulting and micro-targeted online messaging. The integral nature of data science in both the Brexit referendum and the 2016 US Presidential Election led Jonathan to choose a major that would allow him to explore the mathematical and data analytics side of modern politics. As an undergraduate Jonathan participated in Model UN, wrote for the campus newspaper, The Standard, and participated in campus ministry service projects. He did an internship with AEI's Director of Russian Studies, Dr. Leon Aron. He researched China's media response to the Hong Kong protests and then presented his findings to the Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg. Given the controversy surrounding the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the aftermath of Brexit, Jonathan found Ireland an interesting place to study how initiatives like the aforesaid referendum go from concept to reality and how data science can shape election outcomes. He obtained Mathematics and Russian degrees at Baylor University where he was part of the Baylor Business Fellows program.