Meghan  Davis

Meghan Davis

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)


Meghan Davis is a senior and dual major in Biological Engineering and Urban Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An interdisciplinary researcher, Meghan is committed to tackling health inequities faced by vulnerable and marginalized communities. Currently, she is pursuing a mixed-methods approach to understand the cardiovascular disease disparities in urban Black women and interventions that can be implemented to reduce these disparities. She is collaborating with a local Black women's health organization to ensure the project is designed with the key stakeholders, Black women, at the reigns. While in high school, Meghan attended a summer program at MIT that was transformative. She is currently the Senior Director of BoSTEM Scholars Academy, a program that aims to bridge the racial and socioeconomic gap in STEM education through a 5-week summer program. She is an educator and on the Executive Board of PLEASURE: Peers Leading Education About Sexuality and Standing Up for Relationship Empowerment, an organization that acts to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) on campus. Meghan's service was honored earlier this year with the Martin Luther King Jr. Service award for "service to the community." She also received MIT's Bridge Builder award for her "strong commitment to and passion for diversity education and cultural celebration." Meghan's goal is to become a physician-scientist and will study Global Health at Trinity College Dublin.